Investment Contract

What is an Investment Contract? Is an optional agreement that the companies can sign with the Ecuadorian Government to ensure its investment terms. The Coordinator Ministry acknowledges the investment up to a period of 15 years, renewable for the initial period approved, with an investment amount of one million.


  • Provides stability
  • Recognizes the rights of the investor
  • Establishes mechanisms for dispute resolution
  • Total or partial reduction of tariffs on goods payment classified as capital goods
  • Exemption from payment of surcharges on imported goods used in the tourism sector

Type of Contracts


Steps to subscribe the investment contract

  1. Contact the investor
  2. Sending of the Investment kit, with the corresponding requirements
  3. Delivery of the documentation of the Investment Project
  4. Validation of the documentation
  5. Preparation of the technical report for the sectorial production council
  6. Presentation and debate of approval of the project in the sectorial production council
  7. Signature of the contract
contratos firma