Mechanisms for the optimization of procedure

Customs Import Declaration CID

A Customs Import Declaration CID can be issued prior to the arrival of goods on the carrier in order to advance the administrative procedure for clearance.

This type of procedure aims to reduce the total turnaround time by eliminating the wait time for the arrival of goods and their consequent deposit in temporary storage, in order to transmit the import customs declaration.

The following requirements shall be met to qualify for early release of goods:

  • The transport carrier shall provide the International Trade Operator ITO with the number of load provided.
  • The Import Declaration transmitted shall include all the support and accompanying documents whether electronically or digitized.
  • Once the CID has been transmitted, as the case may be, the tax invoice must be paid in order to start the document review. No registration or additional authorization from the Ecuadorian Customs Service SENAE is needed to qualify for this benefit.

Customs declarations that have been communicated under the advance procedure described above, and which load has not arrived to the port on schedule, must be communicated by the declarant in order to take one of the following actions:

In the case that the goods will not arrive in the country, the declarant shall apply to reject the CID according to the specific “Manual for correction, replacement and rejection of Import Customs Declaration”

When the goods arrive in a different shipment from that originally planned, one shall continue with the import duty process request correction of the shipping number after the arrival of the carrier.

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