As provided in Article 5 of the Foreigners Act, the decision to grant, deny or revoke a visa to a foreign citizen, however compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, It is sovereign and discretionary power of the Executive Function, through the competent authorities.

According Article 8 of the Foreigners Act “Every foreigner who requests its admission to Ecuador as an immigrant or nonimmigrant with exception of the passers, must be provided with a visa issued by an official of the Ecuadorian Foreign Service serving in the place of domicile abroad or in his absence, the nearest place”.

Every foreign who wishes to enter Ecuador to develop specific activities, except for passersby must necessarily obtain a visa at an Ecuadorian Consulate, before entering the country.

Foreigners who enter Ecuador for tourism purposes do not require visa (except for the special scheme to nationals of China, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan and Somalia, who require a visa to enter Ecuador) for the lapse 90 days; when you require a longer period, prior compliance the requirements established by law they must apply for a visa.

According Article 22 of the Foreigners Act: “The Management of Foreigners and the Immigration, each within their scope of action, may amend the migration statuses or categories of foreigners who are in the country, whatever their status or category, prior compliance legal and regulatory requirements”.

No foreigner can keep two or more qualities simultaneously immigration.

All foreigners who have obtained a visa at a consular office, except for those who have a visa 12-X, within 30 days of their arrival in Ecuador, They must register their visa at the nearest Zonal Coordination, carrying his passport and visa certificate issued by the respective Consulate.

The procedure for visa renewal must be made 30 days before expiration, in accordance with article 57 of the Regulations of the Foreigners Act.

the exemption of Visa payment, It applies only to the natives of Colombia and Paraguay.

Citizens of the People’s Republic of China, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan and Somalia, require a visa to enter Ecuador.

The following discloses the types of nonimmigrant visas available, with their respective requirements, subjects admission, confirm the visa, tariffs, and requirements for renewal. Foreigners must submit and comply with all required documentation, without exceptions, in order to to qualify for one of the immigration categories.

All – Immigrant

Immigrant visas


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